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Introducing the best sweet shop in Noida to complete Celebrations

Bansooriwala sweet shop is one of the best sweet shops in Noida to complete our festivals. Hardly any festival in India could be imagined without desserts. The charm of festivals illuminates India. Sweets add festivals with immense joy and elation. It makes the festival glimmer. India is a spiritual country that hosts back-to-back festivals. No matter your religion, sweets have the same significance in every celebration.


Mouth-watering sweets and Indian festivals are always synonymous. Sweets play an imperative role in completing every festival and every happiness. Without savoring mouth-watering sweets, you cannot complete your celebration. Just a single bite of an exotic, captivating Sweet, will make you speechless.


 We prepare every sweet at our shop in Deshi ghee with the correct amount of sugar. This is sure that once you take a bite you will crave to desire more. Our deserts will soar you’re craving to desire more and more. The most demanded and loved by every age people is “GULAB JAMUN”. People visit and re-order from our stores for this sweet. Who does not like tasty and smooth Gulab jamuns?

Gulab jamun

An imperative part of Indian festivals. Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian sweet and must-add on any platter. Gulab Jamuns are small dumplings that consist of condensed milk and sugar. They are deep-fried in Deshi Ghee. This sugary Indian dessert is then soaked in flavored syrup. These small dumplings are decked with small pieces of dried fruits.

“O My God” is the most reactive word we get to hear from our customers. This is their comment that Bansooriwala serves as the best sweets shop in Noida. We cannot express how delighted we feel when we get such appreciation from our customers. Bansooriwala is thankful to every customer for giving us the place as the best sweet shop in Noida. We promise you that we will serve the quality product that will make your festival sweeter in the future.


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